[Tweeters] Counting Flocks and Duck Stamps

peggy murray peggymurray at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 10 11:04:58 PST 2007

A question about technique. Some folks who post sightings include the
number of individual birds they saw in a flock. For 10 or so birds that
seems feasible and accurate. For large flocks of highly mobile birds (like
bush tits) how exactly is that done with any accuracy? The same applies for
large rafts of waterfowl that are far from shore--if you are counting in a
scope how do you get a remotely accurate number? Do I assume when I read
those flock numbers that it's a broad estimate? Just curious.

I know hunting topics are forbidden on this site, but this is not pro/con. A
wildlife biology instructor for a class I took many, many years ago strongly
encouraged us to buy duck stamps. He said duck hunting was declining and
birders needed to step in and fund the preservation effort. Is it true that
duck hunting is declining?

Most folks already know this stuff, so go ahead and respond off line.


Peggy Murray
Mountlake Terrace, WA
mailto:peggymurray at hotmail.com

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