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I also have a listing for a rehabilitator in Oak Harbor.  Does anyone know anything about them and if they are still in operation?

Wildlife Care Center
33285 SR 20
Oak Harbor 98277

Diane Weinstein
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  Hi Linda,

  That was pretty much the advice I got, all around, when I asked a 
  similar question on Tweeters -- keep the bird in a quiet, dark place 
  for a couple of hours so it can recover from the shock and so 
  hemorrhaging has a chance to subside.

  Here are the rescue centers I was referred to, but I released the 
  bird before getting to that point. I'm on the eastside, so may not 
  have kept references to places closer to you.

  Good luck and thanks for caring about the thrush.

  Marc Hoffman
  Kirkland, WA
  "tweeters at dartfrogmedia dot com"


  PAWS Wildlife Center
  All injured/orphaned wildlife
  15305 44th Ave W
  Lynnwood 98046
  425-787-2500 ext 817

  Second Chance Wildlife Care Center
  6512 61st Place SE
  Snohomish, WA 98290
  (425) 335-0788

  Sarvey Wildlife Center
  Ambulance service to pickup injured or sick
  wildlife, call numeric pager number
  13106 148th St NE
  Arlington 98223

  Sarvey pick up point in the Bellevue Eastgate area (call Sarvey for others):
  Aerowood Animal Hospital
  Open 24 hrs/7 days
  2975 156th Ave SE
  Bellevue 98007

  At 02:40 PM 1/13/2007, you wrote:

  >About 20 minutes ago a Varied Thrush hit my window.  I found the 
  >bird sitting on the ground with its eyes open and blinking, but 
  >otherwise not moving.  I put the bird in a paper grocery bag and 
  >took it inside.  According to the Internet, if it starts scratching, 
  >I can open the bag outside and let it go.
  >Well, I don't know if this bird will recover or not, but am I doing 
  >the right thing?  And is there a place on Whidbey Island that I can 
  >call to rehabilitate an injured bird?
  >Linda Bainbridge
  >Greenbank, Whidbey Island

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