[Tweeters] Kent Red-shouldered Hawk

Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 14 15:43:46 PST 2007

Hi Tweeters,

Late this morning I found the immature Red-shouldered
Hawk at Kend Ponds at the SE corner.  It was perched
about half way up a medium/small tree near the ponds
edge facing me.  The yellow cere is very obvious. 
Barring below the dark streaky bib and a few small
splashes of reddish orange on the lower chest helped
confirm the identity.  It is fairly similar to red
tail otherwise looking face forward.  The head is dark
and only hints that it will be redder later.  It also
wagged its tail side to side fairly often.

Most of the ponds are frozen over so the waterfowl and
coots are concentrated at that corner but there was
some waterfowl beyond that a mature Bald Eagle scared
up.  They joined the crowd at the corner.

I heard but did not see Western Scrub Jay nearby.  The
only only other really notable bird of my morning was
a Coopers Hawk visiting the McDonald's parking lot on
Meeker Street, maybe looking for some french fry
filled House Sparrows.

Here are some basic directions:  Orillia Rd exit from
I-5, go east, then right (south) at the gas
station/Wendy's on 64th Ave. S.  Park either on the
right at the Green River Natural Resources Area sign,
room for two cars, or across the street at Web Press
Corporation.  The top of the rise into the area is
called the grassy knoll, there is a path in the snow
to the SE corner right now.

Roosting in S King County

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