[Tweeters] Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Marguerite Lamb mrwwlamb at msn.com
Wed Jan 17 12:14:37 PST 2007

Finally got to see why this bird is called ruby crowned. My husband was out early this morning filling the feeders and putting out more suet blocks, when a kinglet landed on a branch less than a foot away from him. It fluffed it's feathers and that is when he finally saw the red on his head. It then jumped right on the suet block that he had in his hand. He kept right on eating as if it normal to be that close.
Have a large flock of varied thrush that arrive several times a day, Townsend warblers, chickadees, Flickers, Sparrows, finches, Towhee's, Junco's, flocks of bushtit, and a pair of downy woodpeckers that feed each day. We also have sharp shinned hawks, coopers hawks, and a Merlin that arrives once in a while. This is all quite exciting for us as we just recently started birding. And having been layed up for many weeks due to a badly broken ankle, I am looking forward to being able to once again get out to enjoy our bird friends.

Marguerite Lamb

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