[Tweeters] Kent Red-shouldered Hawk

pslott VariedThrush at comcast.net
Tue Jan 23 22:27:19 PST 2007

Thanks to Kathy and Carol for directions, and to Marv Breece for a few 
well chosen photos, I believe I got a look today at the Red-shouldered 
Hawk north of 'grassy knoll' at the Kent Ponds.  I arrived just after 
Guy McWethy, so we searched together in the small trees north of the 
ponds.  Guy spotted it first, but I only got on the bird as it flew.  I 
got to spot it next just north of a row of small evergreens.  The lovely 
reddish brown hue of the head caught my eye first, then I saw the 
orangeish barring on the breast and the puffed out upper breast so like 
Marv's picture.  I was a little stunned by the attractive color, so 
different than the chocolate brown of an immature Red-tailed we saw 
shortly afterward.  It certainly fit the earlier descriptions of 
flighty, don't-look-at-me behavior.  We saw the bird around 3:15 PM.  A 
very nice bird for King County.

Patricia S. Lott
Seattle, WA
mail to: VariedThrush at comcast.net

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