[Tweeters] Carnation Dark Morph Hawk

Ruth and/or Patrick Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Mon Jan 29 07:19:58 PST 2007

Hello Dave, Kathy and Tweeters,

Please forgive us for this late posting and for forgetting to post our 
sighting,but we also observed a dark-morph buteo while watching the Rusty 
Blackbirds near Carnation. The bird was present yesterday across from the 
farm on the east side of S.R.203 at 1:30pm with a typical adult Red-tailed 
Hawk. The bird clearly showed an overall dark chocolate brown plumage from 
the head to the underparts,but unlike the bird you have been posting this 
bird showed light eyes. The bill was rather dark,but showed slighht 
yellowish areas on the cere. As we and several birders stood watching the 
bird the bird flew from a large tree out in the field and the lighting as 
perfect,so we could see the paler underwings,but the bird clearly showed a 
very pale hint of rust on he undertail with more distinct reddish or rust 
areas on the uppertail,as the bird turned in flight. It was by these latter 
features we eliminated a "Harlan's"Red-tailed Hawk,as well as a Rough-legged 
Hawk.The overall bulk of the bird fit Red-tailed Red-tailed Hawk well too. 
The bird was chased out of the area by the other Red-tailed Hawk and flew 
northwest over Carnation Farm Rd. We labled the bird a dark-morph Red-tailed 
Hawk and most likely a young adult since the iris was pale or light in 
color. Anyhow,that is our thoughts of what may be the same bird all of you 
have been seeing near Carnation,but perhaps a different bird too.


Ruth and Patrick Sullivan

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i saw the same bird, and i'm sure it's a rough legged hawk.  the cere is 
yellow.  there is a light patch running from the edge of the cere to each 
eye.  there is a terminal dark band on the tail.  the shape of the bill 
appears to change depending on whether he fluffs his face feathers out, 
seems to shrink in half.  he is gorgeous.



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> Hi Tweeters,
> I saw the dark morph hawk today after a successful run
> for the Rusty Blackbirds.  Thank you to Patrick
> Sullivan for the great play by play of the Rusty
> locations.  He could really keep you on the bird if
> you lost it.
> The hawk I saw was definitely a Red-tailed Hawk it was
> near the bridge on 203 near NE Tolt Hill Rd.  Very
> dark brown solid from the top of the head to the the
> undertail coverts, no markings at all on the front.  I
> did not see the back but there was no dark band on the
> tail like a Rough-legged would have. The bill was
> right for Red-tailed, eyes dark.
> I birded a few other places nearby, walked along the
> Carnation Marsh (owned by Seattle Audubon) on W
> Snoqualmie road and heard a Barred Owl calling from a
> distance away.  I was ever hopeful for a Swamp Sparrow
> which I did not find but the nice consolation was 2
> Virginia Rails foraging out in the open in 2 seperate
> locations.
> Kathy
> Roosting in S King County
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