[Tweeters] Re: timing of red-tailed hawk nesting?

Blake Iverson coopershwk at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 6 14:33:18 PDT 2007

Red-tails at this time of year should have fledglings following them around 
in the sky. So your birds are probably out flying around with their young. A 
lot of birds are VERY early this year and RT's don't waste time as it is.

I'm not too sure about hummingbirds but I would imagine that they are early 
this year too and that there are fledglings out there somewhere. Was the 
flight you saw by the male a courtship flight? I believe they only have one 
brood a year and there are no sub-adult males like in the purple martin 
species, it only takes a year for a juv. male to molt out into its adult 
plumage. At any rate they may have been courting, it's possible the male 
lost all his young/nest or his mate was killed and he's trying to find 
another one. I'm sure there's someone who knows hummers better than me and 
can elaborate more.

Blake Iverson
Bothell, WA
coopershwk at hotmail.com


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