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monte merrick montemerrick at speakeasy.net
Wed Jul 25 12:41:29 PDT 2007

you may find in a field note
a poem or vice versa
and i'm not averse to the fusion
from any or all -

common these days
but when these two
get together
(which two? art and science?)
the offspring seems to
favor the science and
not for the better

and if history is the
story of what can
provably happen
then tomorrow is
yet to be seen -
i worry along
with the rest of
my kind that
the world's gonna go, and soon –
i mean
sure we can survive
whatever we survive
but i mean the part
where we believe -

o but there's nothing to believe,
i believe, -
not if belief
is what we hold on to
when what we long for eludes us –
when what we long for
is here –
tangible love in
the ethereal sphere – this
morning two jays –
steller's jays –
iridescent – (lets from now on call
cobalt jay blue)

two jays
in the morning green grass,
among the new and small leaves of
the apple trees,

two jays in the sky.

If I have unjustly wrested a plank from a drowning man, I must restore
it to
him though I drown myself. - henry thoreau
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