[Tweeters] Lyme disease caution for birders.

Jeff Gilligan jeffgill at teleport.com
Wed Jun 6 12:42:35 PDT 2007

Since it is the time of year when birders sometimes are attacked by ticks, I
recommend checking the CDC site regarding Lyme Disease.

I know someone who has the disease from a tick in Oregon, and has not been
able to recover for the four or five years that she has had it.  I have also
heard that a clinic in the Portland area is treating numerous patients who
have not responded to antibiotic treatments.  Most of those patients
contracted the disease in central Oregon.  As I understand, keeping a tick
in a plastic sealed bag, after extracting it, and taking it to your
physician for testing is recommended because of the advantage of treating
the disease early after the bacteria has entered your body.

I am not a physician. I suggest that birders become aware of this health
threat, and consult their physician if they have questions.

Best of birding.

Jeff Gilligan


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