[Tweeters] Steptoe Sparrow Fest Continues

Gina Sheridan gsherida8502 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 19:22:53 PDT 2007

In the early afternoon today (Friday, 6/08/07), I
birded Steptoe Butte State Park (Whitman County).
Overall, the weather was very pleasant and sunny.

There were a couple of different YELLOW-BREASTED CHATs
in the thickets of the lower elevations. One chat
allowed nice views. A MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLER was
present in this area too. Of course, LAZULI BUNTINGs
were ubiquitous on the slopes.

BREWER'S SPARROWs are really thick at Steptoe this
season. I saw several without much effort, and they
were singing from below the summit and on down to the
lower slopes.

The BLACK-THROATED SPARROW was perched and singing
well below the lower summit parking lot. Concentrate
looking for it past the shrubs that have red ribbons
tied to the branches.

Apparently, there is a pair of CLAY-COLORED SPARROWs
in the open brushy patch immediately past the trees
surround the picnic area. A couple of times, we saw a
Clay-colored Sparrow chasing another sparrow that was
presumably another Clay-colored. After running into
Jim Acton and Warren Hall, we managed to obtain
crippling scope views of the singing male.

Of course, there were plenty of VESPER, SAVANNAH,
great fun!

Thinking that it would be nice to see the Clay-colored
Sparrow in two different counties in one day, I
decided to head out onto the West Plains. When I
reached the fence post that is marked with a rock on
top of it (on Stroup Road), I immediately heard and
saw the Spokane County CLAY-COLORED SPARROW. The CCSP
was singing from some taller sagebrush behind the
fenceline. In addition, there were several BREWER'S
SPARROWs. singing out there too.

It was excellent day to be out and to see some nice
June birds.

Gina Sheridan
Spokane, WA

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