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Fri Jun 8 20:16:12 PDT 2007

Hi Tweets -
This afternoon, I took advantage of the nice weather and headed back
over to Stillwater and King county's own little Patagonia Picnic

I didn't see the Redstart or Chat today, but most of my time was
focused elsewhere. Eventually, I tracked down the EASTERN KINGBIRD
reported by Marv Breece yesterday. Today, it was feeding further
south than yesterday, in a field south of the 3rd bridge south of the
parking lot. So, if every bird is in place one could now see -
Bridge 1 - Yellow-breasted Chat
Bridge 2 - American Redstart
Bridge 3 - Eastern Kingbird

Quite a stretch of trail there!

After enjoy the other regular birds around the area, I headed up east
of Stillwater. Moss Lake, a place that has been birdy this year, is
closed off with signs posted saying there is a mother bear w/ 2 cubs
in the area. As an alternate, I headed up Stoessel Creek Rd [from
the store @ Stillwater, turn east on Kelly Rd. After maybe 4-5 miles,
Kelly road turns left and Stoessel Creek Road continues straight.
After another mile or so, the pavement ends. Another mile beyond
this, I pulled off at a DNR gate and hiked in on an old logging road].

A pleasant couple hours of hiking produced a nice selection of low
mountain birds including MacGillivray's, Yellow & Wilson's Warblers,
Olive-sided, Pacific-slope & Willow Flycatches, Mourning Dove &
Band-tailed Pigeons, Western Tanagers & BH Grosbeaks. A flock of RED
CROSSBILLS stopped by for a bit. And as a bird highlight, I tooted in
a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL -- it came pretty close in, then a pair of
robins, some tanagers and a Steller's Jay all took exception to its
presence and chased it off.

On the way out, some crashing in the brush turned into a young [I'm
guessing] BLACK BEAR. I didn't stick around to see if momma was
nearby.... So much for avoiding bears by avoiding Moss Lake....

Good bearing,


Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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>Yesterday (7 June 2007) I birded the Stillwater/Carnation area with

>Janeanne Houston. On our arrival at the Stillwater Unit at about

>7:30AM, the 2nd yr male AMERICAN REDSTART was singing and flitting

>about the trees along the trail, just south of the 2nd bridge south

>of the main parking area. We also heard the YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT

>singing in the field to the west. We did not see the chat. Other

>birds in the area included RED-EYED VIREO, SWAINSON'S THRUSH, and



>We then visited McDonald Park in Carnation, where within 5 minutes

>we observed 6 species of swallow (tree, violet-green, northern

>rough-winged, bank, barn and cliff) from the bridge over the

>Snoqualmie River.


>In the early afternoon, we returned to the Stillwater location where

>we observed an EASTERN KINGBIRD along the trail not far north of the

>main parking area. A BULLOCK'S ORIOLE sang nearby. In the field

>to the west, we enjoyed a pair of LAZULI BUNTINGS. The female was

>carrying nesting material. About 20 BLACK SWIFTS flew overhead.


>It was a good day.


>Marv Breece

>Seattle, WA

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