[Tweeters] Stillwater Chat X 2...

Thomas Mansfield tmiseattle at msn.com
Thu Jun 21 17:14:32 PDT 2007

After running into Marv Breece at Stillwater this afternoon and lamenting 
that there have been no further reports of the Chat recently, I stopped by 
the last known location (the clearing just before the first bridge south - 
toward Carnation - from the main parking area at Stillwater) and played the 
tape.  There was a very distant reply from the west.  And then I heard it - 
another Chat calling from the EAST side of the trail, followed by the 
response from the WEST side.  They called back and forth for about 10 
minutes and the commotion got louder and louder.  After all was quiet for 
about 10 minutes, I replayed a few seconds of the tape.  Within minutes both 
birds flew into trees on opposite sides of the trail.  I was able to get 
photos of each one but not the two together.  Eventually, they both flew off 
to the west and were not seen again - but what a treat.

Tom Mansfield, Seattle.

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