[Tweeters] Marymoor Park Report (Redmond, King Co., WA) 2007-06-21

carenp carenp at totalise.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 21:17:29 PDT 2007

fyi -- i have had a few WCSPs at my feeder the past week; i'm on the
sammamish plateau above marymoor, and i was more than a bit surprised to see
them around, and then to find them around every day since...

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

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This late June period is characterized by the presence of our breeding
birds, with just a hint of post-breeding dispersal beginning. Today we had
our first WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW after six weeks without. The Pea Patch
featured a couple of sightings of an immature bird, still retaining juvenal
plumage. For whatever reason, WCSP seem to prefer to breed in the parking
lots at Microsoft (and other similar places) over the verdant green of
Marymoor; we usually have only distant heard-only WCSP during the peak of
breeding season. The rest of the year, though, they like Marymoor just
fine. Today marked the first sign of their return.

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