[Tweeters] Jasper Mountain Black-backed Woodpecker, Walla Walla Co.

mike denny m.denny at charter.net
Sat Jun 23 16:35:02 PDT 2007

Hello All,

Today we looked around the eastern boarder of Walla Walla Co. and found some 
very interesting species of birds and a plant. While working our way along 
Jasper Mountain Rd. MerryLynn spotted a male Black-backed Woodpecker in part 
of the Columbia Complex burn, she came and found me and we both located an 
adult female Black-backed Woodpecker as well as the male bird in with five 
Hairy Woodpeckers. So we sat in our chairs and watched for a possible nest 
site cavity. We looked and watched and there was no nest cavity seen in the 
area. We did get several photos of these woodpeckers. This is only the 
second Walla Walla Co. record for this woodpecker species we are aware of. 
This is a very rare sighting in this county and is number 303 on our life 
Walla Walla County list and #216 for the 2007 yearlist in the county.

The next interesting sighting was of three Brewers Sparrows on territory out 
in large areas of cut-over salvage in the Columbia Complex Burn. This is the 
first summer we have come across Brewers Sparrows singing and holding 
territory in logged off sites in a burned area. So it would seem that maybe 
this species is not entirely a shrub-steppe obligate as thought. Or maybe 
these are Timberline Sparrows that are not dependant on sagebrush? Last 
Tuesday (19 June) there were also two Brewers Sparrows singing at Bennington 
Lake east of Walla Walla. This is a rose bush and teasel covered area.

MerryLynn also found and I photographed our first discovery of a blooming 
Phantom Orchid in the Walla Walla Co. Blue Mountains. This is a rare and 
endangered WA state plant.

Great day out and about!!
Later Mike

Mike & MerryLynn Denny
1354 S. E. Central Ave.
College Place, WA  99324
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