[Tweeters] Endangered Species Act: Bald Eagle to be Delisted This Week

Bill Clemons willclemons at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 24 21:23:08 PDT 2007

Hi Birders,

Just a heads up for a TV spot coming up this Thursday
or Friday (June 28th or 29th) on PBS: Apologies for
the tentative air date, but the NewsHour folks want
the story's air date to coincide with the Bush
Administration's official announcement of delisting
the Bald Eagle.

Jim Lehrer NewsHour 06/28/07 or 06/29/07 PBS stations:
Insight &
Perspective on Delisting Bald Eagles from Endangered
Species Act.

The Jim Lehrer NewsHour collaborated with Oregon
Broadcasting in Portland & the Portland office of U.S.
Fish & Wildlife Service to produce a story on the
effects of delisting the Bald Eagle from the
jurisdiction of the Endangered Species Act.

Dennis Manzer, a birder from Washington County, OR has
assisted them on this upcoming segment. For 8 years,
Dennis has patiently observed nests of Bald Eagles and
Golden Eagles, first on his own and since 2000 for the
Oregon Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit based
at Oregon State University. .

Bill Clemons
SW of Portland in Mtn Park
Willclemons AT Yahoo dot com

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