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Fri Jun 29 16:00:57 PDT 2007

Among the hundred's of Rhinoceros Auklets present in the Point No Point  area 
I had a flyby Horned Puffin last night at 8:00 pm. I realize this is  an 
unusual sighting for inside the sound especially this time of year, but  I had 
very good looks in my scope at 100 yards or less as the bird  flew from east to 
west from off PNP to in front of my house and on into Skunk  Bay where it was 
lost to my sight. Initially I thought it was a murre because of  the sharp 
demarcation between the clean white underparts and the dark  upperparts; however I 
quickly realized the bird had a white face and  a huge yellowish beak. The 
bird was a Horned Puffin not the Tufted Puffin I  have been hoping to see since 
there have been several reports of that species  just 20 miles to the 
northwest of here. The white underparts separated these 2  species nicely.
Vic Nelson
Point No Point
Kitsap County, Washington

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