[Tweeters] Barred Owl recordings

Bob Pearson rrpearson at centurytel.net
Mon Mar 5 13:29:03 PST 2007

I have been recording Barred Owl vocalizations over the last couple of years and have put together a collection of common call-types and some variations. They can be accessed at:


This is a small, free, personal Web Site, so I couldn't get all the recordings on the list posted. I hope in the future to have a full Web Site where I can have everything accessible, and a more polished look.

Some of the recordings appear to have picked up static in the transfer from my computer to the internet. In particular, some of the recordings with very little background noise in the original recording have static, so I must be doing something wrong and will try to get it figured out.

The descriptive terms I use for the call-types are of my own use for categorization, and don't represent any "official" labeling. I have both male and female representations for most of the call-types so that comparisons can be made between sexes, and several examples for each sex to illustrate individual differences. I include a short description of the general circumstances at the time of recording.

The recordings were made from a source pool of 150 known Barred Owl sites (and so it is not going back over and over to the same sites).

I'm also interested in any observations of behavior associated with calls, and would be pleased to hear anyone's experiences with Barred Owls and their vocalizations.

Bob Pearson

Packwood, WA

rrpearson at centurytel.net

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