[Tweeters] Fir Island/Bayview/Johnson-Debay

Peter Sullins TheSullinsFamily at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 17 17:19:17 PDT 2007


	Took quick run up to Skagit Flats today - Fir Island (WMA, Hayton
Farm), Bayview, & Johnson-Debay Swan Preserve. Weather rainy, from
scattered showers to outright downpours. Temp in mid-50's. No wind or
breeze to speak of...

	Skagit WMA -

	3	Great Blue Herons, including one with crisp bright colors -
small patch of cinnamon on shoulder and deep shiny blue on wings & below

	"Bzillion" Mallards (per my wife) - Saw Mallards everywhere we
went. Interesting thing, almost 100% were in the fields in the mud & muddy
water. Not so much in the sloughs & ponds themselves. Groups of hundreds
out in the middle of plowed fields. Had never seen that before...

	4	Lesser Scaup - Pointy heads
	1	Steller's Jay

	~200 	V-G Swallows at the parking lot by the boat launch. First
of the season for me. Swarming everywhere, did not appreciate us hanging
about... Diving directly at us then pulling away... Fascinating to watch...
Always loved the Swallows, whatever flavor...

	~40 	Canada Geese - Long skein flying overhead... Making usual
	3	Red-winged Blackbirds

	Hayton Farm - 

	"Bzillion"  Robins... Also saw them everywhere... Very bright and
very plump... 
	3	Great Blue Herons
	More Mallards
	Dodge Valley -

	250	Tundra Swans, at least I think they were Tundra's... Far
off and not completely sure I saw the yellow... But not a large as
Trumpeters... Loose group spread out over one of the muddy fields.

	Padilla Bay -

	35	Northern Pintails
	More Mallards
	12	American Wigeons at the eastern end of the Padilla Bay
	1	Surf Scoter far out... Couldn't mistake the face

	Johnson-Debay - Contrary to notices to Tweeters, the gate was
closed & no one there to let us in... Being in Wheelchair meant not getting
into the parking area... However, on the road from Johnson-Debay back to Mt
Vernon - 

	1	Great Blue Heron
	~250 	Trumpeter Swans... Very large, no yellow...

	Good day all in all... 

	Good Birding to everyone...


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