[Tweeters] Four letter codes - use when you want to

Melissa mawilloughby1 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 21 13:18:42 PDT 2007

OK - I have to chime in here. I think people should use the codes when they feel like it and since it happens so rarely, let's not worry about it.

Plus, the codes are completely intuitive. They don't have to be memorized (except for a few duplicates with alternative codes). The codes are the first two letters of the first name and the first two letter of the second name of the bird. It's that simple. For three named birds, use the first letter of the first two names and the first two letters of the second name.

That's pretty easy.

For people who are used to using the codes (banders, those taking point counts, etc), they likely don't even think about it before they use them. They are just trying to share good bird info with the list. I don't think they need to be called out for using them on occasion. I've seen issues like this come up from time to time on Tweeters, and I think everyone should just relax.

Happy birding-
Melissa Willoughby

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