[Tweeters] A behavorial first for a warbler

Ned McGarry ned.mcgarry at verizon.net
Mon Mar 26 17:28:03 PDT 2007

Earlier today, I had a female TOWNSEND'S WARBLER  . . . ON A TUBE FEEDER 
outside my window.

It landed on the top of a tube peanut feeder, expressing sincere interest in 
negotiating how to fly up to the Pine Siskin-laden other tube feeder filled 
with no-mess blend.  A few bits of crumbs fell down to her which she ate, 
but she either decided that the Siskins were too much to contend with or the 
whole idea of landing on a perch to eat seeds from a tube to be too 

Anyway, having a warbler even land on my tube feeder was a "behavioral 
lifer" for me, and the 10-15 second / 4 feet away from my face opportunity 
to observe a warbler was a rare treat.


Ned McGarry
Sammamish, WA 

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