[Tweeters] yesterday between seattle and lummi island

monte merrick montemerrick at speakeasy.net
Tue Mar 27 10:51:13 PDT 2007

hi gang

yesterday between conway and laconner at the skagit wildlife area had
the fantastic fortune to watch two flocks, each numbering betwixt 5
and 7 thousand by my rrough survey, of honking and chatting and opining
snow geese. the two groups flew toward stanwood and there we could see
the flock of 7 thousand or so that we had earlier passed , who were
contentedly grazing one of the few farm fields not flooded, rise up
in a great white cloud and join them and the large group now assembled
and settled down further to the east.

also seen

red-tailed hawk (more than 10)
green winged teal (18)
mallard (hundreds and hundreds)
american wigeon (at least 100)
northern pintail (scores)
glaucous winged gull (o plenty)
tree swallow(2)
northern shrike (1)
bald eagle (5)
great blue heron (5)
american robin (scores)
european starling (scores)
rock pigeon (scores)
surf scoter (20 + or -)
pigeon guillemot (about 10)
bufflehead (5)
common goldeneye (8-10)
ring billed gull (many)

lots more beyond the range of binoculars - need a scope for these large
groups of ducks, a scope and no ferry to catch.

take care

monte merrick
lummi island washington
montemerrick at speakeasy.net
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