[Tweeters] Location of Great Gray Owl on Guemes Island (Skagit Co.)

Wayne C. Weber contopus at telus.net
Sat Mar 31 20:30:10 PDT 2007


Below is a description of the location on Guemes Island (near
Anacortes) where the Great Gray Owl was seen at about 6 PM
on March 27. It has not been seen there since, but was seen 
nearby several times earlier in March.

The observer sent me a great photo of the bird (which I will
forward to NAB editors)-- no question about what it is!

Anyone looking for this bird should probably look soon, as it
will likely depart for its breeding grounds (wherever those are)
within a week or two).

Good luck and good birding,

Wayne C. Weber
Delta, BC
contopus at telus.net


Thanks for your note! I saw the Great Gray Owl (on 3/27) at the
intersection of Guemes Island Road and Edens Road (on Guemes Island).
That is about a mile and 1/4 (approx.) from the ferry dock. The
Schoolhouse Park (with tennis court) is directly across the street. The
owl (I want to capitalize that name!!) was sitting on the street sign, on
the SW corner of the intersection. It was looking intently at the grassy
area below, and later when it finally flew away, it went slowly and very
low over that grass towards the wooded area to the southwest. Amazing. It
landed in a tree about 100 ft away, and was still sitting there when I
drove away.

I've talked to 3 other people who have seen it in the past few weeks -
all in that same area - my neighbor, Ray Perry photographed the owl
sitting on a fence post near the farm at 5165 Edens Road. That is about
1/2 mile or so from the intersection mentioned above. He and his wife saw
it in the morning, I saw it in the evening about 6 pm. 

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