[Tweeters] Coastal Birding

Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 31 21:45:03 PDT 2007

Hi Tweeters,

I like many others headed west today.  I was fortunate
enough to get to Brady Loop east side early enough
(9am-ish) to see not only 2 Barnacle Geese but 2
Glaucous Gulls as well in the gull flock that was
hanging out near the geese.  They must move around a
lot because I did the am/pm thing and saw the Barnacle
Geese again in the pm (6ish) but on the west side of
the loop.  There I ran into some very local birders. 
A woman I met said she had called her husband to bring
the scope because they (the geese) are there.  The
nearest really populated area is a bit of stretch so I
was puzzled.  Turned out they live right on Brady Loop
road!  I thought that was really cool, now if I can
remember where their house is when a rarity is around
I can let them know.  They were excited to see the
geese after looking for them for 3 days, plus her
mother was visiting and got to see the geese too. 
Tons of Greater Yellowlegs throughout the loop, they
must really be moving through.  In the am I thought I
heard a Sora off of Foster Road but even though I
waited it never called again.

Bottle Beach was pretty quiet but on Ocosta 3rd where
the road is almost constantly flooded anymore was a
very odd Redhead duck.  It didn't really look like a
hybrid except for the head shape was way off for a
Redhead unless he ran into a wall and got a steep
forehead like a Gadwall or Lesser Scaup.  This was an
am/pm stop too and I did not see him in the evening.

In Grayland I saw the Northern Mockingbird in the lane
that runs alongside Beachcomber Grocery.  It was
toward the back of the lane perched on a cyclone fence
and was quiet.

Tokeland was very quiet.  I found the Marbled Godwits
at Graveyard Spit but they were hard to see as they
were hanging out on the far side.  One Caspian Tern
here, and some pale pink washed Ring-billed Gulls.
I enjoyed many other birds and loved the blue sky and
sunshine.  It would have been perfect weather wise if
the wind wasn't so persistant.

Roosting in S. King County

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