[Tweeters] Seward Park, Seattle

Louise Rutter louise.rutter at eelpi.gotdns.org
Thu Nov 1 14:21:21 PDT 2007

I'd planned to do the Marymoor walk this week, but somehow forgot today was
Thursday until after 9, so I spent a couple of delightful sun-dappled hours
in Seward Park on yet another unsuccessful barred owl hunt instead. The
barred owls have something against me this year - it doesn't matter how many
owl-signposted trees I search in Seward and the Arboretum, there's never a
visible owl. The Steller's Jays aren't doing their job properly either,
since the only thing they scream at is me.

Lots of other birds were out and about, though - many chickadees and
kinglets, including some charming golden-crowneds that were cooperative
enough to feed in the bare deciduous bushes by the path at eye level. There
were still a few cedar waxwings in the madrones on the bluff at the south
end (isn't November getting a bit late for them?) and a flock of
yellow-rumped warblers in the same area had a Townsend's friend with them.
Both Bewick's and winter wrens were out to entertain in numbers.

I didn't take a scope, and I spent most of my time in the trees, not
checking the water, but there were a couple of horned grebes close by shore
along with the mallards, coots and ring-necked ducks.

Does anyone know if there are still crimson-fronted parakeets in the
vicinity of Seward park, or are they gone? I've been there are a few times
now, and I never see any.

Louise Rutter


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