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Hi Tweets,

With all those Alaska flights heading to Arizona, thought the group might
be interested in the Eared Quetzal and Crescent-chested Warbler sightings.

And for those with no such budget, check out the link to the maps made by
Andrew from the AZ list serve of sightings in Madera Canyon - very
impressive tech.

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Subject: More Madera Canyon - maps
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I missed Jerry by a little bit at the parking lot and ended up taking a
different trail, thus missing any wandering Quetzals, but enjoyed a fine
hike anyway. I somehow missed Mark Stevenson's group of five but was
blessed to be in my own group of five, meeting up with 4 other birders -
Laurens, John, Morgan and Peter - whose company I enjoyed. We hiked along
the Agua Caliente Trail from 1:15 to 4:15. No trace of the
warbler. I made some gps measurements and translated those into a few
of where the bird is being seen that may help others.

I have posted the maps here along with a photo (of a canyon, not a


Good hiking-

Good Birding,
(currently perched in Philadelphia)

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