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Fri Nov 2 15:22:21 PDT 2007

Hi Scott,

This bird is also known as the Eared Trogon, but it's affinity appears
to be closer to quetzals than some of the other trogons, hence the
name. This is my understanding of the naming issue here.

Scott R a y
Yakima, WA

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> What is an Eared Quetzel? It's not in my books on birds of Mexico, Costa

> Rica, or Trinidad. Is the Eared Trogon now being called a quetzel? Is it

> still Euptilotus neoxenus? Who decided the change, when and why? How about

> other trogons, are they also being called quetzels? So, the wonderful

> Resplendent Quetzel is no longer one of a kind. Anyone who has seen a

> trogon will now be able to say they've seen a quetzel. I do get tired of

> all these name changes.


> Scott Warner

> Brier, WA

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