[Tweeters] American Tree Sparrow at GRNR/Kent Ponds

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Tweets et al.,

I was able to relocate Teresa's AMERICAN TREE SPARROW this morning at the Green River NRA a.k.a. Kent Ponds. However, the spot with the red-osier dogwoods where the sparrow hangs out is just west of the northwest tower, not the central tower. Park at the lot at the gate on Russell Road just south of the postage stamp roadside part with the grove of exotic pines. The bird fed in the road and perched with Song Sparrows in the shrub row lining a small cattail marsh. Very nice bird.

We also studied several flocks of mostly Cackling Geese in Kent and Auburn totaling I would guess 3000 birds. One Greater White-fronted Goose with the Cacklers just southeast of the Smith Bros. Dairy. In this group there was one exceptionally pale Cackler, not much if at all larger than the majority of the minima-type Cacklers there. Breast very pale, slightly buffy perhaps beneath the black neck stocking, the back and wings distinctly paler also with broader whitish feather edgings. Could this have been one of the eastern nominate hutchinsii race? Also several dark breasted Cacklers with Aleutian-type white necklaces, for what that's worth.

Also, along 287th St. about 1/4 mile west of West Valley Hwy. in a reed canary grass field on the south side of the road, two calling birds I suspect were Swamp Sparrows but couldn't get a definitive look. Did not behave like Lincoln's; small and dark when one flushed and would not show itself further.

One well marked female Eurasian Wigeon from the southeast tower at the GRNRA. Also 31 Greater White-fronted Geese at Gene Coulon Park in Renton.

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This morning we saw an American Tree Sparrow at the Kent Ponds. It was close to the center tower foraging in the red-twig dogwoods just west of the trail and also appeared on the trail.

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