[Tweeters] Frigatebird in eastern WA

Charlie Wright c.wright7 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 5 17:49:58 PST 2007

I thought it would be worth mentioning that the ID of a frigatebird here
should not be assumed, especially this time of year. These birds are known
for outstanding vagrancy and there is precedent now for both Great and
Lesser Frigatebirds on the West Coast (both in California; Great in October
and March, Lesser in July). Great Frigatebird has also occured in the
interior, with a specimen record from Oklahoma in November.

Photos are highly desirable to confirm an ID, since few of us in WA are
experienced with separating frigates!

Charlie Wright
Bonney Lake, Washington

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From: Bill and Nancy LaFramboise
Date: Nov 5, 2007 7:35 AM
Subject: [LCBirds] Magnificent Frigatebird
To: LCBirds AT yahoogroups.com

I just got a call from the manager at Barker Ranch. Yesterday he and
2 other experienced observers saw an immature MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRD.
They reported that it headed north. One would expect it to follow
water (Yakima River or Columbia River). Obviously one needs to report
immediately if there are any more sightings. We will keep the group
updated with any additional information. There may be up to 5
previous reports on the west side of the state and 1 other from Benton

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise

Richland WA

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