[Tweeters] Discovery Park Black Scoters

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at verizon.net
Mon Nov 5 21:58:31 PST 2007

Tweets - Brian Bell and I spent a couple of hours (ending at sunset) at
West Point in Discovery Park, Seattle, this afternoon. We were hoping for
Ancient Murrelets or shearwater like Matt Bartels reported from this
morning. No luck there.

The best birds we had, though, were at least 23 BLACK SCOTERS on the south
side of the point, and quite inland. I've seen Black Scoters there a couple
of times before; I think they like that bay. But Black Scoters are
noteworthy any time I find them around here, and 23 is about twice as many
as I've ever counted in one place before.

Other than the scoters, we didn't see much. There were small numbers of
HEERMAN'S GULLS, at least one BONAPARTE'S GULL and a few fleeting looks at
COMMON MURRE. Otherwise, quiet.

We stopped at Duwamish Head on West Seattle before heading to Discovery, and
found a large mixed flock of BLACK TURNSTONES and SURFBIRDS on the rocks.
They were well east of where I've seen them before, at the angle-in parking
lot east of the Head, just out from where there are two coin-operated
telescopes - one blue and one red. I wished I'd brought my camera, as the
birds were very close and didn't seem to mind us looking.

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