[Tweeters] Subject: Frigatebird in eastern WA

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Mon Nov 5 18:21:04 PST 2007


Charlie is on the money about the different frigatebird possibilities, and with immatures the i.d. is not so simple either. I had to eat crow (perhaps not the best turn of speech for Tweeters) with Vitaly Nechaev in the Russian Far East one time back in the 90s: thrilled to have found an immature frigatebird flying north over Ozerskii (s. Sakhalin I.) one July day (immediately following the passage of a typhoon, and luckily seen with another observer), I reported it to him as a Great soon after, only to have him talk me into Lesser (ariel) based on a long discussion of field marks. As it happens, there were then about 10 records for Lesser in the Russian Far East, including some as far north as the n. Sea of Okhotsk, from July into fall.

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