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Hello Tweeters,
There is a great story about Patrick in the Tahoma Audubon Newsletter.Diane Yorgason wrote the article.As every one know by now that I had my Hip Surgery.
The Surgery went well.it took two weeks and I walked and could drive my car.But it could to be to good ,after two weeks I start feeling depressed and ill ,with not eating .Today is the first time that I able to get out of bed and start to faint. I am looking forward to doing the Christmas Bird count over the holidays
I like to have a special thanks for the two birders Sally Hill and Joann Sims from the Tahoma Audubon who helped me for two weeks to recover from my Surgery.
Also a special thank to Carol Riddel and Ann Marie Woods who came last weekend all the way from Edmonds and got me all kind of supplements from the health store ,so I get some strength to get well.
I miss my son P[Patrick so much every day and think about 206 when he took care of me than coming from the hospital,and the many chores he done here in my house ,so we could go birding.We did five CBC last year and found a lot of good birds,this year I only trying for three all on the westside.
And last to tell all the birders all over the state and beyond for all you support with you kind words.We having one of the most caring birding community there exist
I hope I will all see you in December ,I believe it is on Monday the 3 of December for Patrick's memorial.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan
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Hi Ruth,

Thanks for your kind call about the Towhee article. I finally got to see it today, and I think they did a great job with formatting. The montage of photos by Patrick looks especially nice on the color version online.

You can forward the color version of the Towhee to anyone who might be interested (esp. those quoted from Tweeters), but they need to bring up both parts, as it is continued onto the second part:

The Towhee Nov 07 part 1:

The Towhee Nov 07 part 2:

They can just surf it up their own from the TAS website as well at www.tahomaaudubon.org.

I hope you're feeling better. I forgot to ask how your hip is doing. I'm so glad you got it done. It's really a vote of confidence in your own future and a sign of healing.

Diane Yorgason-Quinn
Avosetta at hotmail.com
253 857 3367

PS I made a mistake in my article about license plates & said your plate was Godwit instead of Goshawk!!! But the photo was right! Please forgive me!

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