[Tweeters] Lodging/Birding Recommendation near Winthrop/Okanagon

Mason Flint masonflint at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 7 09:53:54 PST 2007

My wife (a non/very casual birder) wants to join me for the weekend in
eastern Washington. We're going to drive out to Winthrop or somewhere nearby
on Friday. My wife will exercise and read while I get up at 5:00 am for long
days of birding. Good deal for both of us!

She'd prefer to stay in a place on the more comfortable/luxurious side. We
hoped for the Sun Mountain Lodge but they're booked. If anyone knows of any
nice places in that general area I'd appreciate a referral.

I'd also appreciate any advice on good birding spots or suggestions for
birding itinerary in that region. I have the Hal Opperman book so I'm not
clueless but any tips would be appreciated. I'm willing to drive a good
distance to get to the best spots.


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