[Tweeters] Nisqually NWR 11/07/07

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Wed Nov 7 17:19:20 PST 2007


Today I got to do a short walk at Nisqually with some of the new Americore
Employees and we had a pretty good three hours. We walked part of the way to
McAllister Creek and around the boardwalk.

Highlights included an EARED GREBE on the first pond on the left on the way
out to McAllister Creek. It was just past the clump of willows about 300
yards from the parking lot. It provided us good looks at fairly close range.
Another highlight was an adult NORTHERN SHRIKE just before the maintenance
road on the right past the ponds as we headed out toward McAllister Creek.

We also were lucky to run into another birder on the boardwalk along the
Nisqually River side who pointed out a roosting GREAT HORNED OWL to us.
Tomorrow I'll look for it inside the boardwalk as we head out to the twin barns.

Lastly we spotted a juvenile OSPREY sitting in the top of a tree near the
maintenance area. Seemed kind of late and the bird was a bit scruffy, but it
was there. We also saw the PEREGRINE FALCON, a couple of BALD EAGLES,

All told we saw 36 species in about 3 hours with nothing hew for the year.
We also got great looks at two yearling BLACK-TAILED DEER that are hanging
around the visitor center. They appear to be orphans but seem to be doing well.

I'll check them out again tomorrow on the usual Thursday walk.

Phil Kelley
Lacey, WA
scrubjay323 at aol.com

" We were few and they were many. Now we are many and they are few"

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