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Thu Nov 8 13:30:13 PST 2007

Hi Tweets -
To follow up on Connie's earlier post, the Cattle Egret was still
present between 12:30 & 1:00pm in the big field near the Montlake
Fill [UBNA...].

Matt Dufort's directions from yesterday are still the clearest for this field:
The Cattle Egret was out in the open grassy playing field north of
the soccer stadium - north and west of the "dime" lot [aka the E5
Lot]. This field is reached by crossing the footbridge at the
western edge of the Fill - the field is then on your right.

While I was watching, the Egret was way across the field on the
northwest corner -- as Connie said, it didn't seem disturbed by the
passing students and approaching birders -- feeding continued without
much interest in us.

Glad I was able to see the bird -- in a drastic violation of
protocol, I even cut out of the weekly Marymoor walk a little early
to give me time to chase this little guy. OK, so 'early' in Marymoor
terms meant I was only over there for 5 1/2 hrs, but still!

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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>Hey tweets, The Cattle Egret showed up today at the Fill around noon. I

>had been looking for it since 9:30 a.m. and had pretty much given up when

>a birder came by the main pond to say the bird was perched on the

>bleachers of the baseball diamond. This is not what you might call a shy,

>stay-in-the-rural-outreaches-away-from-people type bird.


>I hoofed it over to the bleachers to discover that the egret had flown

>north to the far end of the grass field. It was foraging right next to the

>parking lot. As I watched, a UW student walked right by the bird - neither

>one of them looked up. They were like two New Yorkers passing each other

>on the street, whose motto is: "Don't make eye contact."


>I remember several years ago, there was a Kumlien's Iceland Gull in the

>Simpson Paper Company parking lot. When John and I drove up, we could tell

>the bird was still around because the numerous birders with expensive

>optics were milling around talking to each other - it was clear they had

>had their fill of seeing the bird. John and I asked where it was, and one

>of them pointed to a beat-up pickup truck. Sure enough, the bird was

>walking around under the truck. With its injured leg and its typical gull

>air of mine-mine-mine-mine, it was a real junkyard bird. The Cattle Egret

>gives me a bit of the same feeling - not that I'm complaining, mind you.

>it's wonderful to see this bird, no matter its urbanized habits. - Connie,



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