[Tweeters] Anna's J-dive

marksullivanlaw at earthlink.net marksullivanlaw at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 8 09:41:45 PST 2007

Yesterday we saw a male Anna's Hummingbird at North Head Lighthouse (mouth of the Columbia) perched on a bush. After watching him for a minute, he flew 20 feet up into the air and started doing J-dives, about six or eight, each with the characteristic squeek at the end. The weather was mild, but this is November. I thought that this was only a courting display. Would he be romancing a female at this time of year? There was a female nearby that we briefly observed. Is there another reason that he would be putting on this performance? Do any hummingbird experts in Tweeterland have any insight on this?

Mark Sullivan
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