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Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 10 18:16:43 PST 2007

Hi Tweeters,

I led an ELWAS field trip to the Kent Valley. It
ended early enough for me to try and relocate any of
the possible Swamp Sparrows Gene Hunn had heard last
week on 287th off of W Valley in Kent. I saw a lovely
Kingbird (Tropical?) about 4 houses down on the right.
It was extremely active and I got run out of there
before I could really enjoy the bird. A local
threatened to call the cops on me. I hesitate to
report this bird on several levels but I remember once
someone telling me we (us birders) need to protect our
right to see the birds. Good luck to any who try, the
other downside to this sighting is none of these birds
have been nice enough to stick around this year.

As we were meeting to go on the trip 7 Trumpeter Swans
flew over which I relocated and ID'ed after the trip
in the Smith Brothers area off of W Valley Hwy, 5
juveniles and 2 adults, a nice big family.

We looped around Kent Ponds (Green River Natural
Resources Area) trying for the Red-shouldered Hawk,
Western Scrub-Jays and the American Tree Sparrow. We
saw 2 W. Scrub-Jay at the far southern end of the Kent
Ponds area. We missed the other two possible
rarities. Many flocks of Cackling Geese were in the
air with some regular Canada Geese.

Inside the interior of the ponds which we had access
to we saw a lot of waterfowl including Canvassback,
Ruddy Duck, Eurasian Wigeon, Lesser Scaup, and I can't
forget the Bufflehead! We had fun IDing a high flying
Northern Harrier. At the end of an interior road
dubbed the superhighway Carol Schulz noted a
Short-eared Owl. It was flying low and interacted
with a Northern Harrier. Then it did an amazing
raptorlike dissapearing act and flew higher and higher
until it was just a tiny speck in the sky. At Kent
Ponds we also saw Bald Eagle, Coopers Hawk, Peregrine
Falcon and several Red-tailed Hawks. At the small
pond that can be seen from the grassy knoll south of
the King County Animal Shelter we saw about 20 Hooded
Mergansers with some very handsome males in there. A
Pied-billed Grebe was doing the sinking away act by
compressing its feathers. Always fun to watch.

Even with the rain we don't have much for standing
water in Kent so the only real highlight on Frager N
of 212th was the location we had permission to go on
private property to look at a Barn Owl. It slept
through our entire visit.

At Boeing Ponds 4 Greater White-fronted Geese
cooperated nicely for a life bird for a participant.

What a lovely day considering the weather report was
for rain.

Roosting in S King County

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