[Tweeters] Our crows

MurrayH at aol.com MurrayH at aol.com
Sat Nov 10 18:51:01 PST 2007

It's me, again. . . just learned that our crows, leaving silently from
their roosts here in the morning, are on the alert for intruders and when they
find one, their group is called by some to be a "murder" of crows. We all
have heard them rasping/cawing their alert at an intruder -- here it may be a
Great Horned Owl (possibly resident), or a Red-tailed Hawk (passing through).
We do know that they''ll eat almost anything, and I really wish they'd go on
guard duty somewhere else. Murray

(Mrs.) Murray Hansen
Graham, WA
MurrayH at aol.com

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