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Re: Border Wall.The solution to that drug trafficking and associated
problems is to decriminalize the drugs putting the organized crime dealers
out of business, but the feds may never do that because the powerful "drug
lobby" might withhold their contributions to their campaigns I(or weild
their poser in other ways) and the Feds may not be able to fund future
Iran-Contra type operations.

Garbage is unsightly, but rarely a big problem for the wildlife. The
lizards, snakes, and spiders even use it as cover.

The barbed wire fences drove the Buffalo (as well as the Plains Indians)
into functional extinction. Let's not let more fences drive more species
into extinction or out of this country due to government fed paranoia (and
influential fence building contractors).

(Everything we do and say ((or fail to do/say)) is in one way or another
political to one degree or another. Anything that is in opposition to those
in power is always considered "political".) Advcating for wildlife is
always political.

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My comments are not in regard to a possible wall in Texas. I bird in
Arizona with some regularity. Many birding areas there are now trashed by
illegal immigrants. Many parts of Buenos Aires NWR are now rubbish heaps.
Safety for those birding in even non-remote areas is an increasing problem
because of the narco –traffickers. An arroyo near Green Valley that I have
birded for years is not littered with empty back packs that were used by
drug smugglers. The remote trails in the Huachucas and Santa Rita Mountains
are regularly used by smugglers who want to avoid detection on the highways.
I know people Green Valley who say they have seen drug transfers being
overseen by persons brandishing AK-47s – just off the frontage road to the

Jeff Gilligan
Portland/Nachotta, WA/Green Valley, AZ

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I looked back at the No Texas Border Wall website and found that dozens
of tweeters have signed the petition. Thank you so much!

With the threat of terrorism paraded in front of us unendingly, it will
be very difficult for environmental considerations to take precedence over
"homeland security" in this matter of the border wall. We can hope for one
or more of these alternatives:

1. Congress repeals or changes the Secure Fence Act of 2006 which allows
DHS to build the wall.

2. Congress repeals the 2005 Real ID Act.

3. Enough folks cry loud enough that Congress pressures DHS to stop.

4. The constitutional challenge by several environmental groups wins and
strips DHS of its powers.

5. No more funding is issued by Congress to finish the whole wall.

6. The Borderlands Conservation and Security Act (HR 2593) will mitigate
some of the Secure Fence Act's most destructive aspects. This has not been
taken up by Congress yet, but our representatives should be urged to do so.
You can learn more under "Take Action" on the website.


Dennis Paulson
1724 NE 98 St.
Seattle, WA 98115
dennispaulson at comcast.net

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