[Tweeters] Kent Tropical Kingbird(s)!

Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 11 20:41:06 PST 2007

Hi Tweeters,

I have been off birding again in a different direction
today and when I returned home I received an off list
email from a very reliable (and happy) birder that not
only refound the Kingbird but heard it calling with a
second (!) Kingbird with a sound vaguely like an
Ash-throated Flycatcher and clearly not a Western
Kingbird leading him to believe there are two Tropical
Kingbirds there. The chest was way too bright yellow
when I saw the bird yesterday for a Western and the
yellow went up to the throat/chin area.

This is on 287th Street off of W Valley Hwy in Kent. I
found only one Kingbird yesterday about 4 houses down
on the right. It was very active and I couldn't stay
long enough to get a picture even if I wanted to with
my little digital.

BTW had a great trip today with Roger Orness leading
to Lewis county. We saw 10 White-tailed Kites and I
was the official American Kestrel counter and we
tallied an amazing 41 of these.

Roosting in S King County

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