[Tweeters] Bald Eagles' Double-Teamed Attack

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Mon Nov 12 08:07:45 PST 2007

Cooperative hunting by Bald Eagles is common. I've watched a pair of Bald
Eagles try to drown a lone Bufflehead on Discovery Bay.
Gene Bullock
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> Carol Ledford wrote:

>> Yesterday (Saturday), at Ridgefield NWR (~4mi W of I-5 at Exit 14 in SW

>> Washington; http://www.fws.gov/ridgefieldrefuges/), I watched two adult

>> Bald Eagles cooperatively hunt and take a sitting duck in the middle of

>> Rest Lake. First one, then the other eagle would swoop in and attack the

>> duck, striking at it, causing the duck to dive in an attempt to get away

>> from them. After about a dozen strikes, the duck could no longer avoid

>> the eagles, and succumbed. The lighting was poor at this angle, and the

>> best I could determine was that the duck may have been a ring-necked

>> duck. The whole thing was very interesting, yet a bit sad, to watch.

>> I've not previously seen this sort of cooperative hunting by birds.

> I don't see why this is sad instead of a special opportunity to observe

> behaviour. We thrill at the sight of the majestic eagle, yet perhaps

> ignore what in nature is normal and assume, perhaps, that eagles are

> vegetarians.


> Arthur Berman

> North Vancouver, BC

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