[Tweeters] Vantage LT Duck, Ellensburg Trumpeter Swans

Phil Mattocks pmattocks at kvalley.com
Mon Nov 12 13:25:23 PST 2007

Hi Folks,

I visited the pond in Ellensburg east of Bar14 & the Comfort Inn at 11:30
this morning. Present were 75 large Canada Geese, and one GBH, that's it.
However, at noon one mile south in the NE corner of Fiorito Pond (east of
I-82 just south from Ellensburg) there was a group of 16 Canadas, one Snow
Goose, and a very small goose I believe is a Cackling Goose. It was very
windy & I didn't try for photos.

Thanks, Guy. Perhaps these will stay for the CBC.


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> Tweets,

> Found a few hours to bird this afternoon at Vantage.

> North of the I-90 bridge, from the boat ramp, saw 3

> Long-tailed Ducks, 6 Surf Scoters, and 3 White-winged

> Scoters. Plus the usuals.

> Towards Wanapum Park, found a small group of Redheads,

> and Many Lesser and Greater Scaup.

> Huge flock of Lesser Scaup just upstream of the dam.

> Below the dam, saw at least 8 Common Loons, and about

> 6 American White Pelicans. Plus Barrows Goldeneye.


> At Ellensburg, there was a single Snow Goose with a

> group of Canada Geese, in a pond right east of

> Ellensburg next to the freeway, just east of the

> Comfort Inn.


> At the ponds west of I-90 between Thorp and

> Ellensburg, there were 10 Trumpeter swans, 6 adults

> and 4 juveniles.


> It was a good Day!


> Guy


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