[Tweeters] Kent Valley Tropical Kingbirds

Charlie Wright c.wright7 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 12 14:58:34 PST 2007

Hello All,
Around noon today I found a little time to check for kingbirds at 287th
Street. Sure enough, there were 2 Tropical-type Kingbirds in close
association with each other in the first 100 yards of this road. Eventually,
one bird gave a high, descending twitter during an interaction with a robin,
so that one at least is a definite Tropical. It's probably fair to assume
the other one is, too.
The birds were trying to flycatch, but the wind and rain was not conducive
to this. I watched as one bird ate a couple of berries from a pyracantha
Nearby, a Northern Shrike was sitting on a post in the field north of the
Remember, if you decide to bird this road, to be as discreet as possible.
Probably best to park at the end of the road somewhere, and walk back. A
couple of the residents don't always come off as the friendly type to
At Smith Brothers Farm along the West Valley Highway, there was a flock of 8
Trumpeters Swans (3ad., 5 imm.).
Charlie Wright
Bonney Lake, Washington

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