[Tweeters] SYKES LAKE VS SIKES LAKE - Spelling

johntubbs at comcast.net johntubbs at comcast.net
Mon Nov 12 15:23:16 PST 2007

Hi All,

OK, how about a nomenclature 'controversy' that doesn't involve four letter codes?!

Dave Templeton pointed out to me that he had always seen Sykes Lake (near/on Carnation Farm property) spelled Sikes Lake. In searching through my memory (which as the years go by appears to have less gigabytes available as well as slower access speeds) I recalled basing my spelling on a highway improvement sign that was on the bridge near the west end of the lake for several years touting the earthquake renovation on said bridge. It appears based on a cursory Google search that the two spellings are used somewhat interchangeably, although more sources list it as SIKES Lake, so I will switch to that spelling in future posts. I found several other birding reports that used the 'y' version and - in typical government fashion - there was even a state ecological report on load capacity of the Snoqualmie River (load capacity referring to, uhh, how much cow doo runoff the river could safely handle) that used both spellings in the same report...! Ultimately, though, I've opted t!
o go wi
th the bible, the Opperman guide, which uses SIKES.

Perhaps there is a relative of the family for which the lake most likely was named many decades ago that will hear about this second or third hand through Tweeters and give us the correct historical spelling.

: - )

Thanks, Dave, for setting me straight.

John Tubbs
Snoqualmie, WA
johntubbs at comcast.net

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