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Clarence advocates that we kill imigrants without US government issued
papers on sight to solve the problems associated with these immigrants.
Instead of accepting the refugees from the Nazis or sending them back to
Europe (to be killed - as happened to many refugees of that time) he would
just have them killed on sight because they didn't have visas (saving the
Germans the trouble). By the same token one could argue that the Native
Americans shouldn't have fed those starving immigrants turkey, but should
have shot the invaders dead on sight. You might say it would have been much
better for our wealth of birds and for our wealth of nature in general. It
also may well have been much better for the American people of that time.
That said, I think it would have been better if the Indians worked to better
assimilate those illegal immigrants into their tribes and taught them their
ways of living in better harmony with nature.

We might even do well to try living in more harmony with nature now.

Stewart Wechsler
West Seattle
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We don't need a wall on our southern border. We need a DMZ with towers.
Let wildlife cross. Shoot dead human invaders.
One application would bring the illegal immigration surge to a halt. We are
the only country in the world that takes pride in being raped by foreign

How about back to birding???

Cinebar, WA.

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> Stewart Wechsler for president!


> Stewart Wechsler wrote:

>> The solution to that drug trafficking and associated problems is to

>> decriminalize the drugs putting the organized crime dealers out of

>> business, but the feds may never do that because the powerful "drug

>> lobby" might withhold their contributions to their campaigns I(or weild

>> their poser in other ways) and the Feds may not be able to fund future

>> Iran-Contra type operations.

>> Garbage is unsightly, but rarely a big problem for the wildlife. The

>> lizards, snakes, and spiders even use it as cover.

>> The barbed wire fences drove the Buffalo (as well as the Plains Indians)

>> into functional extinction. Let's not let more fences drive more species

>> into extinction or out of this country due to government fed paranoia

>> (and influential fence building contractors).

>> (Everything we do and say ((or fail to do/say)) is in one way or another

>> political to one degree or another. Anything that is in opposition to

>> those in power is always considered "political".) Advcating for wildlife

>> is always political.

>> Stewart

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