[Tweeters] Bino repair summary

Kelly Cassidy lostriver at completebbs.com
Mon Nov 12 16:46:55 PST 2007

Several folks have asked off-list about bino repair responses. Both
Captain's and Close Scientific were highly recommended. (Undoubtedly, there
are others, but they were enough for me.)

My binoculars are boxed and ready to ship to Close, which I chose (very
scientifically) because it was the first one I found contact info for (and
the recommendations were good). I was told that the owner of Close is near
retirement and may soon be out of business. He answered the phone today and
told me to send them in, so, for now, he is still working. He doesn't take
credit cards and will call me back with a cost estimate when he receives the
binoculars. Contact info:

Close Scientific

2316 4th Ave

Seattle, WA 98121


Scott Atkinson sent me the following information about Captain's:

"Captain's is still alive and kicking, although they moved some time back
and are along 15th NW just south of the Ballard Bridge on the east side of
the road (parking can be a little tricky), they gave up their long-time
lease at the Fisherman's Terminal."

Since I had contacted Close, I didn't track down further contact info for
Captain's. It's probably in the Seattle phone book. Those that had used
Captain's also highly recommended them.

Kelly Cassidy


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