[Tweeters] RE: Border Wall - Outrageous post requires on-list response

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at quidnunc.net
Mon Nov 12 17:10:54 PST 2007

Dear Fellow Tweeters,

Some people suggested that I should have responded off the list to
Clarence's public advocacy of murdering all immigrants caught entering the
country without papers outside of official border crossings. Yes, his post
violated the rules of the list and technically my response also violated
those rules. That said, I believe that to not respond on the list to this
outrageous suggestion would be to leave the world with the impression that
Washington birders are tolerant of his suggestion that all immigrants be
murdered on sight if they are not at an official border crossing and are
suspected not to have a visa. What is to stop these trigger happy "border
guards" from shooting Mexican-American birders that look to the "border
guard" like immigrants, but who are just near the border but were mistaken
for having just crossed the border?

This kind of outrageous suggestion on our list demands a public admonition
on our list.

Stewart Wechsler
West Seattle
mailto:ecostewart at quidnunc.net

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We don't need a wall on our southern border. We need a DMZ with towers.
Let wildlife cross. Shoot dead human invaders.
One application would bring the illegal immigration surge to a halt. We are
the only country in the world that takes pride in being raped by foreign

How about back to birding???

Cinebar, WA.

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