[Tweeters] scrub-jays on Beacon Hill

mgd at myuw.net mgd at myuw.net
Wed Nov 14 13:56:05 PST 2007

I've been meaning to add my Seattle scrub-jay sightings to the growing number of reports. I've had a pair of Western Scrub-Jays in my yard on Beacon Hill for the last year or so. I don't think this pair successfully nested, as I didn't see more than two birds over the summer.

It's been fun to watch them along with the Steller's Jays. The scrubs are dominant and chase the Steller's away if they catch them at the peanut tray. The scrubs carry away one peanut at a time but the Steller's usually stores one in it's crop and carries a second one away in it's bill. The Anna's hummers often chase the scrub-jays, but I've never seen them bother the Steller's. I guess the Anna's and scrubs, essentially California species, have a long history of interracting.

Mike Donahue
Seattle (Beacon Hill)

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