[Tweeters] South Kitsap Eurasion Wigeons

hrudkaj mary hrudkajm at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 15 07:37:04 PST 2007

Yesterday my sister and I birded from Southworth around to Port Orchard mainly hitting Yukon Harbor, Rich Passage and the south side of Sinclair Inlet. A couple thousand American wigeons were just off the road along the south side of Yukon Harbor. Amongst the mob were at least four Eurasion wigeons. At one spot where there was a mass of seaweed the wigeons were packed together so closely feeding that there easily had to be two hundred birds within a 15x15 foot area. You couldn't have slipped a scoter between the birds which were all feeding voraciously.

Along the south side of Sinclair Inlet from Anapolis to Port Orchard the many scatter flocks of wigeons had several more Eurasion wigeons. In all we saw at least 8-9 Eur Wigeons amongst the 3-4000 American Wigeons.

On a road just north of the road to Manchester State Park we were taken aback by finding a bactrian camel sitting in a pasture. Another bactrian sat under a covered area at the back of the pasture. All those other birders that have reported their mammal sightings surely have never reported camels I'm sure. Guess some folks want a pet of another stripe.

Happy birding and keep those binos dry.

Mary Hrudkaj
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