[Tweeters] A couple of surprises

Joseph V Higbee jvhigbee at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 15 12:16:57 PST 2007

Tuesday was a nice day to be at the ocean and I was. On the way I stopped at
Hoquiam STP and was surprised by a white-throated Golden-crowned Sparrow. I
don't know how common this is but it's a first for me.

At Ocean Shores the surprise was a Marbled Murrelet at the Marina.

Wednesday the wind and cold were back, no surprise, and the south beaches
had nothing surprising except when I got to Bottle Beach the parking area
was filled with shavings and a crew were at work spreading them on the trail
and where they had cleared earlier.

A few more comments are here: http://www.pbase.com/jvhigbee/b_pblog
And some photos here: http://www.pbase.com/jvhigbee/ocean_trip

Joseph Higbee
Spanaway, WA
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