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Greetings All

I know, Zonotrichia sounds like a disease that might cause a social stigma.

In any case, Joe mentioned GC x WC Sparrows. This hybrid combo is rare, but
not extremely rare, but would not show such a white throat.

GC x WT Sparrow is extremely rare. There was a bird on the OR coast coming to
a feeder a few years ago. It showed a more limited white throat with nice
dark lateral throat markings. Can't remember other details.

The white mark on the nape also suggests that this is a bird with some
aberrant white on plumage rather than a hybrid. Other cogent marks were already made
by Charlie.

Note that some GC Sparrow adults do show fairly whitish throats, much akin to
what is seen in many WC Sparrows. I've never seen any other evidence of
hybridization in these individuals, and I suspect they are just part of the
"normal" variation of WC Sparrow.

Best Wishes
Steven Mlodinow

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