[Tweeters] Color abnormalitys in Birds.

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Sat Nov 17 10:36:03 PST 2007

Hi Tweets:
The latest issue of "Birding" (Vol 39 #5, Sept/Oct 2007) published by the American Birding Association, has a 6-7 page article about abnormal coloring in birds.
The article shows a picture of a Cardinal with white sides, a white Cliff Swallow and even a mixed up Hummingbird. To add more fuel to the fire it tells of feathers being black instead of white.
On the front of the Port Townsend Leader last week was a picture of a "salt and pepper" robin.
Last year, I had a pure white English Sparrow in my yard. I could not get close enough to him to see his eyes if they were pink. Later in the summer there were 3-4 others around who were variations of beige with dark wings etc. Anyone out there wanting a copy of the picture, let me know off line. I imagine he became lunch for some hawk.
Right now, we have a Cooper's Hawk that is quit light and lot of white feathers in his outer wings. Maybe he fell into some bleach. What next?

Good Birding to all.

Cleo Andreasen
Anacortes, WA
andie777 at isomedia.com
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