[Tweeters] Re: Possible F Tufted Duck at Boeing Ponds

Carol Stoner stonefam at gte.net
Sat Nov 17 14:03:04 PST 2007

Hi All,
I took a quick walk around the Boeing Ponds (59th Ave S, north of
212th in Kent) Friday, the 16th about 11 am. I found a duck that
puzzled me. It had clear white tip on the bill and a bit of white at
the bill base. The plumage was striking with a deep dark chestnut head,
dark brown breast, paler rosy brown flanks, dark brown back. I tried to
turn it into a Ring-necked female, but the head was much too dark, and
the colors/pattern seemed wrong for a female scaup. I didn't have a
scope, so there was no chance of seeing details like a tuft. The bird
was feeding along the submerged willows close to the south edge and
could be seen from the sidewalk close the the small parking area off 59th.
I'd love to hear if anyone can confirm my tentative ID.
Carol Stoner
Renton WA

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